New to Yoga

New to Yoga? No problem.

Everyone, at one time or another, has a first class.  A new yoga experience can be intimidating. We want you to feel 100% comfortable so that you rock your first class!  Here is what you need to know:

Join any of our Let It Flow Foundations™ classes.  A set sequence of poses introduce a new student (or anyone desiring a refresher) to the fundamentals of a yoga asana (pose) and flow practice.

The goal is to introduce poses, provide proper alignment and queues, show modifications, and help you learn the proper and safe way through transitions.  This will ensure that you have a solid foundation, build overall confidence, strength and balance.  This class is suitable for everyone no matter your age, flexibility or size.

New to Let It Flow? No problem!

Step 1: Come in and introduce yourself!  You’ll want to wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move.  If you choose a class that is ‘warmed’ you may want to bring a towel, but we do have ones for you to borrow.  You can reserve your spot in a class before you come in by downloading the Let It Flow App!  You can get the app at the Apple Store or Google Play Store.  However; we are always happy to check you in at the front desk.

Step 2: Head upstairs to the second floor.  We have a “Drop Zone” where you can leave your shoes, keys, phones, jackets etc.  OOPS!  Did you forget water?  We have a water fountain on the second floor.  

Step 3:  We encourage you to bring your own mat, however; we do have mats and sweat towels available for your use at no charge.  Community mats are located on the wall hanging outside the studio and towels are on the prop shelf; just grab what you need.  If you would like to purchase a mat of your own, we have them available downstairs in our retail area.  *if you borrowed a mat, please leave it on the floor in the studio when you leave so that our awesome teachers can clean and hang them for someone else.

Step 4:  Park your mat in the studio, grab a block or two, strap, and a bolster or blanket if needed.  You can always ask your teacher what she/he suggests for your class. 

Step 5:  If you have a sweat mat (that is a large towel that goes over a yoga mat) and you want to “activate” the towel to make it grip better, there are spray bottles with water in them inside the studio.  Spray away!

Step 6:  Have Fun!  Yoga is called a practice for a reason; it is never perfect.  Your mat is your playground to try something new; we encourage you to let go and be in the moment. 

Namaste! (oh, that is a Sanskrit word that has a lot of different meanings but basically translates to “salutation to you.” It is commonly said by everyone at the end of class to seal your practice.)