East Iredell Elementary school has been handing out weekly food backpacks to students in need ranging from Kindergarten through grade 5 for nearly a decade.  Until recently, all of the food came from outside contributions.  The school has been working towards having their own food pantry and, in late 2017, this dream became a reality.

Currently, 90 students receive weekly food backpacks.  30 backpacks are provided from the school’s own pantry and the remaining backpacks are filled by local churches.  Students are identified by teacher referral, parent referral, or counselor/admin referral.  Although the contents vary, they strive to fill them with items that the youngest children can open and prepare on their own meals.  No glass items or easily punctured items (such as individual fruit and/or juice pouches, etc.) are sent home.  During the week, students in need are provided with breakfast and lunch at the school.  The filled backpacks go home with students Friday afternoon and includes enough food for two full days, when meals may be scarce at home.

East Iredell Elementary food pantry is also available to parents, who have a need, to come and “shop” for more items.  Besides food items and monetary donations, the biggest need is for volunteers to organize, sort, stock, and purge out of date food items.  If you are interested in assisting as a volunteer, please reach out to the school directly.

At Let It Flow Yoga, we strive to encourage all who come through our doors to view our community as one family.  Yoga begins with the body, travels through the mind,  through the emotions and through the spirit reaching out to humanity.  Each month we raise awareness and funding for a different local charitable organization through our Monday night community classes.